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HJ / Hitler Youth Knives / Daggers for sale

The HJ / Hitler Youth Knife or Dagger is a highly collectable artefact from the WW2 era.  Prized as war trophies by victorious Allied soldiers, they are increasingly hard to find and we are pleased to offer a range of different makers and variations of these great pieces of militaria. Sabre  offers a written money back life time guarantee of their authenticity to each buyer. ALL STOCK IN QLD AUSTRALIA, so the hard work of sourcing, verifying and importing has already been done. Condition often reflects the fact that these blades were issued to young boys and teenagers and then were handled and field used accordingly.




In the course of WW2 militaria collecting and study, museums and private collectors will acquire items of all nationalities, including German. We see this as a legitimate aspect of militaria research  and collecting.  


We make no political or revisionist statements whatsoever, merely provide an online platform for military antiques and collectables of all styles.


To see more on our policy  in this regard CLICK HERE.

The HJ knife, from symbol of political

indoctrination to Allied War trophy

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