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Militaria Investment Pieces

Featured in this section are high-end collector and investment pieces that have been sourced examined and in most cases certified by recognised experts.


Sabre is fortunate  to have a relationship with expert collectors who have undertaken the due-diligence, certification and in many cases difficult importation of truly elite pieces.  


One of our high-end collectors has close relationships with sources in Europe and the United States that enable privileged access to a range of unique items that are increasingly difficult to source.  They have been carefully and ethically obtained from recognised experts, collectors and veteran families in Europe and The United States.  


Items of different eras and different nationalities will appear here, amongst them from time to time will also be Third Reich era items.  In such  instances we would stress that Sabre and our associates are making absolutely no political statements of any kind.


In the course of WW2 militaria collecting and study museums and private collectors will acquire items of all nationalities, including German. We see this as a legitimate aspect of militaria research  and collecting.  To see more on our policy  in this regard CLICK HERE.




The high-end artefacts are certified by the likes of Don Boyle, a recognised expert in WW2 militaria and artefacts based in the United States.



DISCLAIMER: By clicking below to access to this section of the website you acknowledge that it may contain a variety of World War 2 pieces including those of Third Reich Germany. You furthermore acknowledge that Sabre seeks to make no political or revisionist statements of any kind.  This is simply an online format for the acquisition of historical artefacts some of which will come from that period of history. 


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