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'Whispers from the past militaria'


Specialising in high-end WW2 German Militaria


Subject matter expert Gerard, of Whispers militaria, is a passionate life-long collector of high-end WW2 artefacts.  


His love of Militaria stems from an interest in his relatives who were WW2 combatants, and is solidly underpinned with decades of the detailed study, handling and trading in elite WW2 artefacts.  


The network of friends and business associates within which he has appraised and acquired his own unique pieces includes world-leaders in the militaria community from the US and Europe.  His elite international network is used to help source, sell and assist in the appraisal of any ‘ultra-rare’ artefacts.


He is a trusted trader, client and collaborator to such dealers and his experience enables him to specialise in high-end, Third Reich pieces.  His appraisals are anchored in his own knowledge, and draw upon that of his distinguished international network of associates. 

DON BOYLE: One of Gerard's personal mentors is the world-renowned expert in high-end WW2 pieces, Don Boyle.  Gerard is now a referral partner and regional agent for Don and has access to many additional world-class pieces through Don and his network.

Gerard has reliably authenticated high-end pieces for us such as Totenkopf Rings, Iron Crosses and SS and SA Daggers.

Militaria Appraisals

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