Pre Order of Replica Machine Guns Policy


PRE ORDER STOCK OF DENIX AUTOS IS NOW SOLD OUT, BUT MORE STOCK IS ON THE WAY FOR FEB 2021: Pre-order a Denix Submachine Gun or Assault Rifle from Sabre. $75 down with us to secure your pre-order. 


Fully refundable if the stock becomes unavailable or if QLD legislation significantly changes to exclude ownership of this type of replica (unlikely as to the best of our knowledge this legislation has been finalised).


If the price drops before our agreed date of being in stock, you will be charged the lower price for the balance. 


We will notify you when the item is in stock.  Payment of the balance including postage is to be made in full within 7 days of such notification or your deposit will be refunded to you and that stock released for sale.


Re-enactor and Veteran Discounts


Discounts on nominated items will be offered where evidence of membership to a legitimate living history body is provided (e.g. QLHF, Jeep Club etc) or letterhead from a veteran's body (e.g. RSL Sub Branch, Regimental Association, Veteran's Affair White, Orange or Gold Card). 

Genuine versus Reproductions


If an item is described as genuine it will be based upon our certainty of its provenance / and or having received trusted advice to this effect from our network of militaria and military advisors (veterans, museum curators, historians, re-enactors, collectors).

If we are not certain that an item is authentic or if it cannot be satisfactorily verified we will clearly say so.

We will also clearly describe replica / reproduction items.

As collectors ourselves we realise the importance of items being honestly described.


If an item is a change of mind return based upon an item not being fit for purpose or in any way justifiably not as described and is returned to us within 14 days of purchase in the same condition that it was sold, with proof of purchase, then we will happily offer a 100% refund excluding postage.  


If there is reasonable doubt on the authenticity of an item that has been described as genuine, irrespective of time, then we will also happily refund if the item is returned in the same condition that it was sold in.    We offer money back assurance in such cases.

You will be responsible for any costs and risks associated with returning the item to us including postage.  




We aim to ship within 24 hours, but are open about the fact that this is a professionally run venture, yet hobby level for us, so worst case scenario will be within 48 hours.  Prices currently calculate postage for Australian addresses, and please contact us for outside of Australia so that we can calculate postage for you before purchase.

Notes on Third Reich / Nazi Era Militaria


The sale and collecting of Nazi era militaria is often surrounded by emotive controversy, and naturally so. As we will from time to time feature items from the era, here’s our take on this. 


Australian military history has seen our soldiers confront many foes since the Boer War including South African Guerilla Forces, Imperial German, Turkish, Japanese, Italian, Nazi era German, Vietnamese forces etc.


As an historic aspect of WW2, Nazi era militaria is legitimately acquired and displayed by national, Regimental and private museums worldwide to reflect the military and political history of that era.   


Many private collectors, especially those interested in WW2, will likewise have such items in their collections (often bring backs from relatives who fought in North Africa.  My Grandfather and Great Uncle who were a t El Alamein and Tobruk brought back such items, now proudly displayed in my own collection as part of Australia's military history.  I also have Japanese WW2 items, as my Grandfather and Great Uncle on the other side of my family were Changi POW's and survivors.  It doesn't mean I condone what was done to them, nor Japanese Imperialism at that time.

Whilst the symbolism and history surrounding some items (or legitimate museum reproductions of such items) has dark implications indeed, it does not make those who feature these items in a collection sympathetic to or condoning of the ideology or the politics from which they originate.  If they are that way inclined, then that is beyond the control of the seller, who in this case is selling such items as part of a general offering of military antiques and collectibles.

It is unfair in our opinion to accuse militaria sellers or collectors as extremists or supporters of extremism just because they collect WW2 items, some of which may be from the 'other sides' of that conflict.


Many such people are often either former members of the ADF, who at some stage of their life actually volunteered to likely fight such ideologies should they re-emerge, or are descendants of those who actually did.  Making such accusations is therefore not only potentially highly offensive, but it could also be taken as written or verbal defamation if unfounded and directed at an individual or especially at a business.


If we do from time to time have Nazi era militaria for sale the spirit in which we offer this for display and sale is purely as part of the legitimate hobby of collecting military antiques from all eras, and that includes WW2. 


No offence is ever intended and there are no political statements being made.  We feel that it is a legitimate aspect of the general collecting and preservation of military history.

To us it's just history, and to erase or selectively delete aspects of military history is to risk repeating it sadly.


We Ship Worldwide.

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