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The Gold Coast War Museum is arguably one of the greatest privately owned museums in the country.

I have had the privilege of being associated with the Museum and its owner for many years, and can honestly say that I have not seen anywhere in the world quite like it.

The museum features a myriad of evolving displays of militaria, vehicles, uniforms, equipment and weapons covers virtually all periods of Australia’s military history, along with ancient and modern conflicts of all eras.

All too often these days museums resort to, and pardon my French here, quite ‘wanky’, impersonal and overly designed displays around a handful of uninteresting items padded with way too many graphic design panels.

These museums look like a committee of inner-city interior designers have been let loose with a budget, some hallucinogens and a handful of rusty relics to pad out with eye candy.

This museum on the other hand has display cases literally dripping with beautifully conserved artifacts that whilst creatively and professionally displayed, are actually done so with warmth and a focus upon the items and their history.

The many cases are a feast for the enthusiast who wishes to see a mass of truly rare and engaging military items beautifully displayed.

As an added bonus most of the displays are actually curated by veterans with a passion for the history, and often first hand experience to back up the character of each era. These guys also run very personal and informative guided tours for tour and school groups.

Displays range from the ancient Roman military to the Boar War, WW1 and WW2 (including Australian, British, American, Japanese, Nazi / Third Reich militaria), Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and numerous other modern conflicts and Peace Keeping missions.

Cases are filled to the brim with medals, camouflage uniforms, helmets, shells, grenades, bayonets, radios, home-front items and trench art. The cases themselves are flanked with aircraft, tanks, jeeps and field guns of many styles.

The Museum also houses The Collectors Armoury, which is one of Australia’s longest running sellers of militaria, replica pistols and collectibles of all forms.

Australia’s longest running Paintball / Skirmish field is also onsite and still going strong.

So if you want to see arguably Australia’s largest private collection of militaria, military vehicles, weapons, military medals, badges and patches the Gold Coast War Museum is simply a must see.

It's at 42 John Rogers Road (off Springbrook Road) Mudgeeraba 4213. Phone 07 5530 5222, and open 7 days a week.

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