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Buckmaster 184 for sale

The rather exotic looking Buckmaster knife was designed in the 1980’s by Buck Knives for the elite US Navy SEALs. They are now a keenly sought militaria collectable.

Approx 19 cm long, the blade has a hollow ground edge and is forged from 425 mod steel.

The grip is hollow for survival materials (matches, fishing gear etc) and has two removable anchor hooks, which were reported to be for anchoring divers underwater, or for emergency anchoring when climbing.

The hard sheath has a fast release fastex belt loop, and an inbuilt sharpening stone.

These extremely rugged knives were made over a period of 13 years and issued to SEALs (see picture below).

These knives are now very collectable, especially if in good condition, as a real oddity for militaria and military knife collectors. Those involved in militaria Australia may never have seen one in fact.

During the 80’s when the “Rambo” style survival knife was all the rage, they came out in a variety of different styles and phases of manufacture.

There were pre patent versions, patent pending and then patent versions in stainless steel silver and black oxide.

The knife we have for sale in our online store is a patent pending version of the knife, in excellent / un-used condition with its original sheath.

Buckmaster 184 SEAL survival knife

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