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Australian Light Horse Slouch Hats For Sale

WW1 AIF Australian Light Horse Slouch Hats for Sale

The Light Horse Slouch hat with its turned up side and distinctive Emu Feather Plume has to be one of the world’s most unusual items of military uniform.

Sabre Militaria is proud to offer for sale WW1 AIF Light Horse slouch hats created from contemporary issued slouch hats, genuine emu plumes from a current supplier to RAAC units and repro WW1 AIF Rising Sun badges.

These hats are potent symbols of Australia’s unique Light Horse tradition and represent some of Australia’s finest and most successful military units of WW1. Last year was the 100th anniversary of the famous Light Horse Charge at Beersheeba, and so for many people the famous Australian Light Horse and their very distinctive head-dress are front of mind.

The distinctive emu plumes were added, as Light Horse lore would have it, from soldiers sent to break the 1891 Barcaldine Shearers Strike chasing down emus and plucking the feathers from their chests as a demonstration of horsemanship.

Initially only QLD Mounted Infantry were formally permitted to wear the plumes, but this was eventually extended to other Light Horse Units. Today Australian Army Armoured / Cavalry Regiments are permitted to wear them.

To this day modern units of the Australian Army’s Royal Australian Armoured Corps, especially those that carry the Light Horse title such as Brisbane’s 2nd 14th Light Horse Regiment QMI, proudly carry on these traditions.

These distinctive Light Horse slouch hats are ideal for historical displays or re-enactment.

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