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Japanese Samurai Armour and Tsuba from Sabre

Interesting pieces of Japanese Samurai Armour and Tsuba of the Edo Period

Now 16th, 17th or 18th Century Japanese Samurai artefacts are not something that we usually handle, but recently we managed to acquire some cool pieces.

Whilst not complete or highly elaborate pieces, we have some nice decorated Tsubas in relic condition (but with great decoration still evident, and one even signed) and Samurai armour parts of the Edo period made of a mixture of iron, leather and silk. Most likely from the Gessan or skirt around the breastplate of a Samurai warrior.

It’s fascinating to think of how much warfare was undertaken by these renowned warriors in the Edo Period. You can imagine for example a Tokugawa warrior wielding the sword with one of these decorative Tsubas, or being struck upon one of these armour parts.

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