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A world-class collection from one of our high-end partners and suppliers

An opportunity was recently afforded to some of the Sabre team to see and handle new arrivals into the collection of one our good friends, partners and suppliers.

This collector specialises and deals in high-end WW2 German militaria that was highly sought after at war’s end as battlefield captures and veteran bring-backs. Many also come directly from family estates in Europe.

A cornucopia of WW2 rarities was unveiled from the vaults and continued to blow our minds with many items simply never seen before on Australian shores, and all considered to be genuine rarities on the global militaria market.

From an amber and silver adorned 50th Birthday copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and an autographed silver framed Hoffman AH portrait signed and presented to Hermann Fegelien, to cased Knight’s Cross groupings with full documentation, Luftwaffe Honour Goblets and an array of extremely rare awards, documents and decorations.

Some images in this gallery capture a few pieces but do no justice to the sheer volume of items and history contained in what we feel is one of the world’s largest collections of its type. Certainly the largest in Australia.

We are pleased to be able to offer the occasional high-end and rare item on our website courtesy of this friend and partner, and to arrange the connections for genuine buyers and collectors of such high-end pieces.

Whilst the Third Reich era was a dark one indeed, genuine historical artefacts that have verified provenance provide an irrefutable component of recording and studying these historical events in both public and private museums and collections. Hard to deny it occurred when the artefacts and documentation can be held in ones’ own hands.

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