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Authorised SAS Merchandise for Sale

Sabre is delighted to be authorised to sell Australian SASR endorsed merchandise including pewter challenge coins, mugs, stubbie coolers and Zippo lighters. Such items were previously sold exclusively on base at Campbell Barracks Swanbourne.

Great commemorative items, many limited editions, celebrating the rich and exciting history of this elite Australian Army unit.

Generic SAS branded items abound, but these are legitimately created and endorsed by the SASR Historical Foundation to support veterans and Unit commemorative activities.

The Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) is an elite Special Forces unit of the Australian Army, modelled initially after the British SAS. The unit can trace its origins to 1957, in response to the Malayan Emergency, during which Australian soldiers fought alongside British SAS troops. The unit's original role was to conduct covert operations and sabotage behind enemy lines, with an emphasis on intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, and surveillance.

The SAS was first deployed operationally during the Vietnam War, where they carried out reconnaissance, surveillance, and offensive operations against the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army.

Following the Vietnam War, the SAS continued to evolve, becoming involved in peacekeeping missions, counter-terrorism operations, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. During these conflicts, the SAS played a key role in a range of operations, including direct action raids, reconnaissance, and intelligence gathering. The unit has been involved in a number of high-profile missions, including the rescue of hostages in Afghanistan in 2001, and against high-ranking ISIS leader in Iraq in 2016.

Today, the Australian SAS is one of the most highly trained and capable special forces units in the world. The unit continues to play a critical role in defending Australia's national security interests, both at home and abroad.


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