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Digging for history: Battlefield relics that are ethically sourced.

Digging for battlefield artefacts is truly treasure hunting for lovers of military history.

To locate and gently unearth a genuine piece of WW2 military history from an actual battle site is a thrill and a privilege for those who undertake battlefield archaeology.

Whilst many battles sites have been excavated since the 90’s, there are still many hidden pockets and sites of major engagements left undiscovered or not fully explored. It is amazing what still comes out of the ground in western and eastern Europe.

We source the items that we sell from time to time from ethical diggers via trusted partners to ensure that artefacts come from long-forgotten or covered over lost items and battlefield dumps, not grave-sites. Ethical diggers will carefully mark such sites when found and report them to the proper authorities for handling.

The diggers that we know and acquire from are all motivated by a love of history and will often keep the very best pieces for their own museums and collections, but we still manage to secure some great legal pieces for customers.

Pieces we source for customers include relic WW2 German stalhelms (Heer, Waffen SS and Luftwaffe), helmets, belt buckles, badges and field equipment. There are also Soviet and Partisan items that become available.

Whilst pieces such as these that are ground dug as relics are not mint items, they have ‘been there and done that’ as genuine battlefield artefacts that played their part in WW2.

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