Fantastic metal M16A1 and M4A1 Replicas (they also happen to be Gel Blasters)

The model M16A1 and M4A1 that we now have in stock are amongst the best quality metal replicas that we have ever seen.

Great details, weight and features, and they also happen to be high quality gel blasters. Made by a 25-year manufacturer of airsoft guns. These replicas have a terrific feel when picked up and handled.

Suitable quality and details for museum display and re-enactment as well as being a great quality gel blaster.

NOTE: Available only to QLD customers, people must also be aware of new QLD laws relating to the use of Gel Blasters (including but not limited to requiring that they are stored and used reasonably, never taken into or displayed in public so as to cause alarm, never pointed or fired at anyone without permission and that safety goggles and correct gel balls used at all times, transported in concealed locked bag).

We Ship Worldwide.

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