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Investment quality WW2 German Daggers are becoming rare and valuable items for museums and collectors

There is a fascination amongst many elite museums and collectors with the edged weapons of Germany during the Third Reich era.

As historical artefacts they can represent everything from a prized war trophy taken by an Allied soldier, to examples of fascinating medieval style design and craftsmanship to anyone interested in edged weapons.

During the era they were of course dark symbols of membership and authority for some of the most elite and feared Third Reich military and political organisations such as the SA and SS. As the war progressed they became highly prized souvenirs for Soviet, US and British soldiers as they forced German forces back across Europe.

Genuine daggers and blades are scarce items now, and sadly there are many fakes that can muddy the waters. As well as outright fakes, there are also daggers made from parts at war’s end for post-war occupying forces and early collectors. Whilst made from genuine parts they rarely have the correct fit and finish, and were never actually worn or awarded pieces.

They need to be approached with expertise and great care. With many manufacturers and variations, it requires genuine subject matter experts to assess and appraise them to be certain of their authenticity and actual value.

Sabre's valued partner in this area is a respected collector and dealer in high-end investment pieces. He is respected by and works with some of the most established experts and dealers in Europe and the US.

We also aim for any daggers that we handle to come with with a professional authentication by world renowned subject matter experts like author and historian, Don Boyle. This ensures piece of mind regarding authenticity and future retention of value for an artefact.

Items should also be ethically acquired from credible dealers or veteran's family and be legally imported into Australia, as many are double-edged designs.

Lots of time, effort and expertise is required to source good pieces and import them safely using the correct legal channels and requirements.

Final sales prices thus reflect professional appraisals undertaken by experts such as Don Boyle, professional finder’s fees to source the piece from Europe or the US by known experts in the field of rare WW2 antique acquisitions, Import duties, GST and final sales commissions.

PICTURED: Exceptionally Rare Early Model 1933 SS Dagger (Schutzstaffel Dienstdolch) by G. Hammesfahr of Solingen - With serial number and etched custom dedication to blade

Here we have an Early Model 1933 SS Dagger (Schutzstaffel Dienstdolch) by G. Hammesfahr of Solingen. A superb example which continues to hold true to the test of time. The acid etched "Meine Ehere Heisst Treue" motto and "Gottlieb Hammesfahr Solingen" maker mark are both crisp and beautifully executed with minor signs of superficial runner marks. The crossgrain is still alive on the blade, however, there are signs which indicate the piece has been cleaned at some point. The blade rates in at Exc+/Exc++. The undented steel based, black anodized scabbard looks fantastic featuring a nice patina and aged look, appropriate to a historic relic of this vintage.

Both solid scabbard fittings look great. The ball end of the scabbard is still perfectly rounded with no bumps or bruises present while all four screws remain intact. The scabbard to cross-guard fit is perfect and closes with a snap. The reverse of the lower cross-guard is marked "I" (Munich). The cross-guards to grip fits are perfect. The black hardwood grip presents in near mint condition, totally split and crack free. The solid nickel eagle has a perfect fit and retains beautiful detail. The SS runes hold 99% enamel and fits with absolute precision.

The lower cross-guard is marked with the serial number "#22710" whilst the reverse of the bade is in engraved with the dedication " In Treuer Kameradschaft Sturm 4/I/1" making this piece exceptionally rare and desirable amongst those who collect SS daggers.

Presenting as one of the best SS daggers on the Aussie market available today.

NOTE: Sabre Militaria handles militaria of all nationalities and eras. This will from time to time also include artefacts of WW2 from Germany and the Third Reich era. To us these are simply historical items and we make absolutely no political or revisionist statements by doing so.

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