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Iron Crosses Galore

Sabre has been privileged to acquire a large collection of genuine Iron Cross decorations.

The Iron Cross is a famous German military award for gallantry and they were highly prized as war trophies and souvenirs by Allied troops during both WW1 and WW2.

With increasing popularity as a collectable military antique they are becoming far harder to source every year. There are of course many fakes out there that can muddy the waters. Some of the fakes are easy to spot, but sadly some aged fakes or those made in the 70’s are trickier to spot. These pieces we confidently guarantee as originals.

Amongst the Iron Crosses that we have for sale are examples that range from cased to relic condition. There are Iron Cross 2nd Class and 1st Class decorations. They are mostly magnetic, with some non-magnetic versions.

As all stock is now safely in QLD Australia with us, the hard work of sourcing, verifying and importing has already been done.

This will be a great opportunity for collectors to acquire genuine pieces while the stock lasts.

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