Living History Groups and Veteran's Groups work hard to preserve military heritage and then bring it to life for the broader public.

We offer them 15% discounts on replica pistols, rifles, submachine guns* and assault rifles*.

We can help out by offering these genuine discounts to re-enactment and veteran's groups that may be seeking quality replica weapons for display or use in their living history events.


Currently we can access and sell the full Denix range of replica pistols and Bolt / Semi-Automatic rifles (e.g. .303, K98, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine etc).

Based on what we are confident to be the looming changes to QLD laws*, we are anticipating that sub machine gun and machine gun replicas will likewise be available in early 2021 (e.g. MP40, PPSh, Sten, AK47, M16, Thompson etc).

There are even rumours out of Denix that more exciting replicas are becoming available soon such as the MG42. Now that would be cool!

Being fans of living history, and also being ex-military folks, we are happy to help where we can as an authorised re-seller of the Denix range.

*Naturally all sales are subject to the laws and regulations that may be in place at the time of purchase with regards to sale, storage, use etc.

Discounts will be offered where evidence of membership to a legitimate living history body is provided (e.g. Q.L.H.F, Jeep Club etc) or letterhead / membership from a veteran's body (e.g. RSL Sub Branch, Regimental Association, Veteran's Affair White, Orange or Gold Card, APOD Card).

We Ship Worldwide.

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