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Rare SA Honour Dagger with Damascus Blade

This is an exceedingly rare WW2 SA Honor Dagger with Damascus blade and plain fittings.

The SA / Sturmabteilung, also known as the Brown Shirts, were the feared para-military Storm Troopers of the Nazi era, in particular during their rise to power.

Honour Daggers were a symbol of loyalty to the Nazi Party and a visible sign of the para-military nature of the organisation and its membership. Standard blades are relatively common, but Damascus blades are very rare and typically were special private purchases for senior members of the organisation.

The blade features the raised "Carl Eickhorn Solingen" logo on the reverse whilst the obverse has a raised etching, "Alles Fur Deutschland" which once featured gold gilt which has been lost to the hands of time.

The blade presents in very fine condition, however, the handle, cross guards and scabbard though authentic and period correct are likely replacements for the originals which sustained damage at some point.

This piece has been independently authenticated by Don Boyle and WW2 edge weapon specialist Thomas Wittmann as original. All documentation will be provided.

A rare and sought after part of WW2 history.

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