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Rare WW2 German Waffen SS Officer Degen / Ceremonial Honour Sword

We have recently acquired a number or rare SS and SA blades, amongst these is an SS Degen / Officer’s Dress Sword with sword knot / portepee and an etched presentation inscription “Fur Tapferkeit im Ostfeldzug 1942” (For Bravery In The Eastern Campaign 1942) and the signature of an SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Unit Commander. This indicates a Waffen SS officer rewarded for bravery in the field on the eastern front. The SS Ehrendegen / SS Honour Sword is a straight dress / ceremonial sword worn by Officers of the SS between 1935 – 1945. The sword was designed by Karl Diebitsch with input from Heinrich Himmler. The long thin blade was actually made in custom lengths to suit the height of the officer. The sword features a black ribbed grip with silver wire, inset SS Runes and a D shaped guard. Scabbard of black enamel with decorative features.

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