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Dubbed ‘The Gun That Won The West’ this famous single action revolver was designed by Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company for the US Government Service Revolver Trials of 1872.

Made in various barrel lengths and calibres, the .45 round is probably the most iconic version used by the US Cavalry and other military forces of the late 1800’s as well as ranchers, outlaws and lawmen of the frontiers.

As well as the gunfights and skirmishes of the wild west, Colts featured in many famous battles and campaigns such as Little Big Horn as well as the famous charge of Theodore Roosevelt at San Juan Hill.

During WW2 General George ‘Blood and Guts’ Patton famously chose to wear an ivory handled Peacemaker. After the war renewed interest in the classic design saw it continue to be made right up to today for collectors of firing weapons and reenactors.

This quality Denix replica is a same size and weight all metal reproduction that safely brings to life this famous weapon.


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