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Replicas of classic WW2 weapons by Denix

The weapons of the Second World War have become synonymous with the stories and struggles of both the Axis and Allied soldiers of that era.

Sabre Militaria is delighted to stock a wide range of museum-quality replica guns made by European manufacturer Denix. Non-firing replica guns make a safe and easier to own alternative to the real thing.

WW2 was a ground-breaking era of weapon design and many classic and iconic weapons were developed such as the MP40, StG44 Sturm Gewehr, Sten, Thompson, Garand, M1 Carbine and K98 carbine.

There were also innovative machine guns such as the German MG34 that was a belt fed general Purpose Machine Gun very much ahead of its time. Denix have an exciting new replica of the MG34 due later this year.


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