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Soviet Militaria takes many forms including caps, uniforms, badges, medals and personal items.

We have recently been lucky enough to come across a lot of original Soviet Era Militaria including Red Army, Navy and Airforce hats, uniforms and badges.

People have made the assumption for years now that this militaria was in such plentiful supply after the fall of the Berlin Wall that it would never be faked. Well we were wrong. Soviet badges, hats and uniforms are now being made in reproduction form which has come as a surprise to many.

The real thing is now becoming harder to find, and whilst some more common items can still be sourced without too much difficulty a great deal of Officer and obscure unit regalia and uniform items are becoming genuinely scarce.

Whilst it can be hard to distinguish NOS items that came out of former Soviet State war stores in large quantities with recent fakes, legitimate period items can be discerned by a variety of manufacturer tags, marks and stamps. There is also a higher standard of workmanship on the originals when you look close enough and compare fake and genuine up close.

We will soon also have in stock Replica PPSH Submachine Guns and AK47 Assault Rifles to really beef up a Soviet era display.


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