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Replica Pistols by Denix

Replica pistols and other replica weapons are a great and far safer alternative to the real thing for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Unfortunately for those wishing to own them not every Australian State and their weapons licensing laws see it the same way.

With Police facing increasingly violent criminals with real weapons, some argue that anything resembling a real weapon can muddy the waters in some situations, but many law-abiding collectors would agree to disagree. Nobody has ever been shot by a replica.

Queensland and Western Australia graciously, and sensibly, continue to permit ownership of replica handguns and also of certain replica rifles and other weapons without recourse to licensing or exemptions. Other States vary greatly in their attitudes and to make matters more interesting, legislation can also change often.

It therefore behoves any owner of replica weapons to constantly check up on the current laws and regulations surrounding the ownership and display of their pieces.

There are many harmless and legitimate reasons that someone may wish to possess and display a quality metal replica pistol or replica rifle. These include military heritage, militaria collecting, military re-enactment, as a film or stage prop and also just as a cool talking piece in a man-cave.

It’s important to keep in mind that whilst many appreciate the fact that a replica weapon has been made as essentially a toy, a non-firing / non-weapon that is impossible to convert to fire, the law in your State may not see it that way.

Before buying a replica weapon of any form it is critical to do your homework and ensure that you are in 100% compliance with your own State's laws first.

With that in mind here are the websites and contacts to check before you buy. Happy Collecting.




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