The quality M16A1 Metal Replica that is also a gel blaster rifle

The M16A1 assault rifle is an iconic weapon of the Vietnam War and also of the entire Cold War era for not just US Forces, but also for their Allies and client nations.

For example, the Australian Army embraced the lightweight rifle for jungle fighting across the Vietnam War, and then retained it in service until as late as the early 1990’s. The rifle was seen frequently in Infantry and SAS units being carried by Section Commanders, Sigs and Officers.

The weapon was lightweight and at the time was quite the contrast to the much heavier semi-automatic 7.62 x 51 L1A1 SLR being select fire and being chambered for the 5.56 x 45 round.

Early versions were not initially liked by US soldiers, but once some bugs were ironed out it became the standard service rifle for US Military Forces until the advent of the A2 and M4 versions of the weapon.

This one is a great quality metal replica of the M16 A1 that is also a gel blaster rifle. It is made by an established manufacturer of airsoft guns with great attention to detail and features that give it not just the look but also the feel of the real weapon.

We can only sell these to QLD customers and they need to make themselves aware of the responsibilities that come with both replica guns and also gel blasters in terms of such things as never displaying them in public to cause alarm, pointing / shooting them at anyone without their permission etc.


We Ship Worldwide.

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