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The famous Tommy Gun has become an iconic weapon of WW2 and many Hollywood War Movies

The Thompson Submachine gun began its life in the 1920’s, where with the early forward pistol grip and drum mag, became associated with the Gangsters of prohibition era. As WW2 began and the ‘Tommy Gun’ as it became known was issued to British and Commonwealth Soldiers, and of course US troops, it became an iconic WW2 weapon.

Its compact size and hard hitting .45 ACP round made it a popular submachine gun.

The European manufacturer Denix makes two great versions of the famous Tommy Gun. One is the classic Gangster looking weapon with forward pistol grip and Drum Mag (though this version also saw plenty of WW2 service, and the stick mag and straight foregrip version.

These non-firing replicas bring these classic guns safely to life for museums, collectors and re-enactors.


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