Adolf Hitler Berghof Silverware AH Luncheon Fork


The item itself:


This is what is known as an ‘Informal Pattern’ piece of Adolf Hitler’s personal cutlery from his Bavarian Obersaltzberg residence The Berghof.


The piece is one of 97 taken from the Berghof by a US Army Master Sgt of the Engineers sent ahead of other occupying ground forces to check for traps and explosives in the Berghof area. We have copies of documents provided by his family (e.g military discharge, family correspondence to unit associations, image of the soldier) and also a book of the unit history that he was attached to when he liberated the pieces.


His family released a number of pieces to a reputable US dealer, and we offer the COA from that dealer and our own for this piece.


The minimalist Nazi Eagle and AH initials are often mistaken for being worn from their appearance.  This is a deliberately minimalist design feature requested by Hitler for his informal and most frequently used cutlery.


Made by the firm of Bruckmann under commission from Hitler the pieces are hallmarked with the eagle, number 800 and Imperial Crown that is typical of that firm. This pattern of cutlery was used at the Berghof for private informal functions, was used frequently by the Third Reich inner circle and is considered rarer than the formal and other sets.


NOTE: We offer this item as a legitimate piece of WW2 history. Whilst we acknowledge the dark and sinister origins of the item, we feel its collectability and story are more about the actions of the cheeky US Solider who liberated this and many other items of high ranking Nazis.


We do not hold nor do we condone any sympathies to the evils of that era, but offer a piece of that history for legitimate museums or collectors.


We acknowledge also that some people may not agree with the sale of such items, we respectfully disagree.   Our own relatives brought back Third Reich items as trophies at war’s end, and we display those for example as part of those soldier's stories, not for the glorification of the ideologies of the former owners.

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