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Miniature SLR

Miniature SLR


Miniature SLR solid metal (WARNING: According the 'Old and Bold' even this small model SLR will be more deadly than an EF88 ;) )


Exceptional miniature L1A1 Self Loading Rifle model from the military specialists.


Specifications of Original

Issued from 1959-1988
Conflicts: Malayan Emergency, Indonesian Confrontation, Vietnam War
Weight: 5 kg empty
Length: 1.18m
Calibre: 7.62mm
Muzzle Velocity: 823 m/s
Feed system: 20 or 30-round detachable box magazine
Effective range: 500 metres


Specifications of Miniature

1/6 Scale Injection moulded zinc alloy model

Length: 18cm

Material: Die-cast zinc alloy, nickel/copper plated

Colour: Copper

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