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Signed Hannes Trautloft Fighter Ace Hoffmann Card

Signed Hannes Trautloft Fighter Ace Hoffmann Card


Hannes Trautloft, Fighter Ace and winner of The Knight's Cross, signed photo postcard by Hoffmann, black ink signature.


Johannes “Hannes” Trautloft (3 March 1912 – 11 January 1995) was a World War II German Luftwaffe fighter ace who served in the Luftwaffe from 1932 until the end of the war and then in the post-war German Air Force from 1957–70.


During the Second World War, he flew 560 combat sorties and was credited with 58 victories. He flew in the Spanish Civil War with the Condor Division, the invasions of Poland and France, The Battle of Britain and the Eastern Front.

In early 1945 Trautloft joined other pilots in the Pilots Revolt, to protest the conduct of the air war. Trautloft was relieved of his position and sent to a Luftwaffe training division in Strassburg, where he ended the war.

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