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SS 1936 Model Chained Leader Dagger

SS 1936 Model Chained Leader Dagger


An original SS 1936 Model Chained Leader Dagger with type 2 chain appraised and certified by Don Boyle.


This dagger and scabbard is original, but has had a hard life.  It was acquired from an Austrian SS veteran's family and had been handled regularly on a rural property by family members between the war and sale.  There are repairs to the scabbard, anchor points between scabbard and chain and pitting to the blade as show in the images (unsure if repairs are period wartime or by family post war).  


With genuine chained 36 daggers in great condition going in Australia for between $27k and $32 k, this is priced accordingly to take into account its condition.


These are a rare and sought after piece of WW2 and Third Reich history.

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