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Replica Submachine Guns and Assault Rifles For Sale 


Replica submachine guns and replica modern assault rifles are non-firing reproductions of classic firearms. A far safer alternative to collect and display than the real things.







Replica Submachine Guns and Replica Automatic Assault Rifles 

For Sale in Queensland and Western Australia


Denix make great replicas of famous military submachine guns and modern automatic assault rifles for militaria collectors, museum display, historical re-enactment and film use.  


These full sized, full weight metal replicas with working actions and removable magazines bring these famous automatic weapons of history to life.


These are legal to own in Western Australia*, and it appears shortly also to become far easier to own legally in Queensland given some recent changes that have been made to aspects of weapons licensing legislation*. 


This is great news for those law-abiding collectors and enthusiasts who have always wanted own one of these great looking replica guns.


We are excited to be stocking a great range of Denix replica submachine guns and assault rifles in 2021.

NOTE: Images used until we have sales stock of SMG and Assault Rifles are of the actual Denix guns that have been given aged and worn finishes for film and TV use. Stock guns will have a new black finish.  See our article on the site about how to age them well.





















* Our ability to stock and sell Replica Submachine Guns and Assault Rifles in 2021 will naturally be entirely subject to finalised QLD Legislation and the Weapons Act.

Amongst the replica submachine guns and assault rifles made by Denix that we will be stocking are:


Replica MP40 SMG


Replica Thompson / Tommy Gun SMG


Replica PPSh-41 SMG


Replica Sten Gun SMG


Replica M41 Grease Gun SMG


Replica AK47 Assault Rifle


Replica M16 Assault Rifle


Replica MP44 Assault Rifle


Sabre is delighted to be a reseller for the high quality replica guns made by Denix. 


Before buying a replica weapon of any form it is critical to do your homework and ensure that you are in 100% compliance with your own State’s laws first.


With that in mind here are the websites and contacts to check before you buy.  Happy Collecting.




ACT: 02  6256 7747, /


NSW: 1300 362 562, /


NT: 08 8922 3541, /


QLD: 07 3015 7777, /


SA: 08 8204 2495, /


TAS: 03 6230 2720, /


VIC: 1300 651 645, /


WA: 08 9223 7000, /

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