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Sample Movie Guns


We have a wide range of movie guns and can access many more as required 


We are licensed as Film Armourers and under this license are able to provide both real and replica weapons to film, TV and stage productions.


These days we actually prefer to specialise in making set safe and screen accurate replicas look and act like the real thing onscreen for ultimate cast and crew safety.  Actors can focus on their character and performance without any underlying concerns (be they conscious or sub-conscious) about their own safety or that of other cast and crew members. 

Many can be modified with C02 gas actions that can cycle for great onscreen effects and for the actors to react to. Below is an image gallery with some samples of what we have on offer, and we can source many other options and also large quantities of many models as required for your production needs.

From Pirates, Cowboys and World Wars to Street Crime, Sci-Fi and Current Conflicts

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