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Militaria Webbing and Field Kit

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Military Webbing and Military Field Kit

Since at least the day's of The Roman Legion and the term "Marius's Mules" for the poor infantryman carrying his daily burden, load bearing gear has been a crucial aspect of military kit.

The load seems to be relatively consistent across history for at least 30 - 40 kg of weapons, armour, water, food, ammunition and personal items.  No wonder retired soldiers get knee and back trouble huh?


Various styles of webbing belts, straps, harnesses , water bottles, knives, entrenching tools, ammunition pouches, day packs and back packs abound.

They also reflect the style, technology and national characters of the era that they come from.  The range of colour, quality and complexity varies from simplistic and pragmatic Soviet era pouches and webbing, to quite sophisticated modern items from the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns.  

Many militaria collections will feature various items of military webbing whether new military surplus from discarded stocks, or that actually issued and used by soldiers.  


Either way these items represent the daily life of many individual soldiers living out of this gear in the field, and likely many miles / km of very long walks using colourful language brought on by carrying all that extra kit in all weathers and terrains. 

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