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Movie Gun Familiarisation Course for Actors

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Sabre designs movie gun familiarisation courses for agencies, film schools and productions that will deal with the basics of 'Theatrical Ordnance'.


A course will help actors to better understand Theatrical Ordnance, more credibly handle movie guns and appear more stage and screen accurate for their characters with a range of commonly used movie guns.

NOTE: This is not a scheduled public course, these are run on demand for organised groups from film schools, agencies or productions.


Military / Police and film trained Armourers as Instructors

Introduction to the basic types of weapons used in films

Basic safety and handling techniques

Basic stances and tactical principles

Considerations on matching weapons and handling to character

Roles and Responsibilities of Armourer and Actor

NOTE: Courses are for on-set / stage use of Theatrical Ordnance and not live fire weapons training.


Courses are designed to help Actors to better understand, handle and look more authentic with movie weapons for stage and screen.


Courses are not formal live fire weapon handling and proficiency courses for the use of live fire weapons or for any other purposes (e.g. target shooting, hunting, security, private military contractor training etc).  


For the acquisition of a QLD Weapons Act License and / or for target / hunting shooting with live weapons formal courses are required elsewhere with weapons safety trainers who deliver those styles of QLD Police approved weapon courses.

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