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Antique Weapons


No license needed in QLD for approved pre-1901 Antique Guns

No license is required in QLD for Antique pre-1901 percussion or Flintlock Guns that have been verified by QPS as Antiques (as these guns have been). State laws vary, so if you are from another State, before purchasing an Antique gun you must check your state laws and show us the correct license, permit or exemption if required.  

IMPORTANT: These antique guns are sold as antique display pieces and in ‘as is’ condition, they are NOT intended for firing. Under no circumstances should an antique gun be fired without checking on the State laws related to firing it, and having it thoroughly inspected by a licensed gunsmith first.  We accept no liability whatsoever for any use by the purchaser.

Descriptions are offered in good faith based on the appraisals given by the European valuers of the consignor and our own research, as we do not claim to be subject matter experts in flintlock and percussion guns.

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