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Selling Militaria?  

Looking for something?

If you are seeking an item, and we don't have it, email us what you are chasing as we may be able to help find it for you.

Wanting to sell an item?

We occasionally do trade and buy militaria if the item can be suitably identified and valued, and there is fair room to move for us to possibly integrate into our collection, then maybe trade it again one day or on-sell it.

Feel free to email us some pics of any item, any known history or background of the item and what price you may have in mind to sell it for.

Some tips for those planning to trade / sell their militaria:

1.  Do some research first:

The internet makes it easy to compare a wide range of items based on global traders, retailers and sellers websites and eBay stores.   Compare the item that you have for condition and price.  Actual 'sold for' prices are a better indicator than listed prices, as listed prices may have been there for ages and be higher than actual value.

2.  Have a realistic price range in mind

Ventures / hobby traders, or businesses that operate websites, eBay pages or shopfronts have varying degrees of overhead, and also have to take the risk of outlaying money for items that may take a long time to trade or sell, or not be viable at all.  

If we don't wish to trade or purchase an item, don't be offended it might not be suited to our current range for any number of reasons.  

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