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Military Uniforms For Sale

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Military Uniforms for Sale


Collecting military uniforms offers a wide variety of options for the militaria collector. 


It encompasses everything from quite elaborate military ceremonial outfits and dress uniforms to the more functional field and combat uniforms.


The world is also filled with many different military camouflage patterns that reflect the unique terrains fought in by the world’s armies, and also the varying levels of sophistication of the armies that they represent.


Some uniforms are quite rudimentary, or proved ineffective in their day, whilst others are highly sought after due to their rarity and effectiveness.  


With this in mind uniform items can range from $10 (e.g. common Australian Army surplus kit or old East German kit) to the 100’s of thousands (e.g for a famous signature item worn by Patton, Stalin or Hitler perhaps?) depending upon its time period and who may have worn it.

As a provider of militaria and military collectibles we enjoy offering a wide range of military uniform items from cam gear to dress uniforms, brassards, belts and much more.

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