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Military Headgear For Sale

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Military Headgear for Sale


Fun to collect and easy to display if you have the shelf space, military headgear crosses everything from caps and berets to an amazing array of truly strange looking steel and Kevlar helmets of many eras.


Cloth caps and berets require a little more care to display (especially in humid climates), but are usually a very colourful and characteristic reflection of the culture and army from which they originate.  Contrast for example the Aussie Slouch hat with the White Kepi of the French Foreign Legion.


Steel and Kevlar combat helmets whilst often more functional in nature, still have a historic character and charm that reflects the military thinking and science of their era.  For example the thinking behind the WW1 and 2 German Stahlhelm being revisited in shape and form with the US Gulf War era “Fritz” Kevlar combat helmet.  

The military hats, caps, bereft and helmets that we offer span many nations and eras from World War 2 to the Gulf War and also more recent conflicts and peace keeping deployments. 

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