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Military Challenge Coins

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Sabre Militaria is delighted to have been selected by an established Australian collector of Australian Service Medals, Awards and Decorations to help sell a small part of his collection. If any genuine buyers have questions about the provenance of any items we can put you in contact with him by arrangement. 

WW1 and WW2 Australian Medals

We have a great selection of WW1 and WW2 service medals, some from Diggers who fought, were wounded or killed at some of the most historic campaigns (Gallipoli ANZACs, The Western Front, New Guinea, North Africa).

These come as doubles, trios and expanded sets, some with accompanying items such as identity disks / dog tags and other badges.

It's always bittersweet to see medal sets for sale, as ideally these should reside with the family as part of their military heritage.  There are regrettably circumstances where there are no family to pass these onto, or the family have no interest, in which case them being acquired by a collector or museum who does care and will preserve their story and legacy is a better fate for them.

We are pleased to offer these unique items of Australian Military history, service and gallantry.

Where possible we have added available information on the soldier, and any links to online sources of more information.  There are very likely to be opportunities for collectors to undertake their own further and deeper research on each soldier.

Featuring Medal Groups from soldiers of the following AIF battalions:

2nd Battalion AIF

5th Battalion AIF

8th Battalion AIF

9th Battalion AIF

13th Battalion AIF

19th Battalion AIF

22nd Battalion AIF

24th Battalion AIF

25th Battalion AIF

29th Battalion AIF

30th Battalion AIF

31st Battalion AIF

35th Battalion AIF

41st Battalion AIF

42nd Battalion AIF

45th Battalion AIF

47th Battalion AIF

53rd Battalion AIF

56th Battalion AIF

57th Battalion AIF

3 Field Artillery BDE

NSW Mounted Rifles

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