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DENIX Replica Guns Australia

Denix replica guns and weapons for sale Australia
Denix Replica Guns for sale Australia

The Australian Guide to Denix Replica / Imitation Weapons and Guns


We sell Denix replica guns in Australia.  Denix is a famous European manufacturer of museum quality replicas / imitations. Their range includes a wide span of firearm history from vintage flintlocks to modern automatic firearms.


They have what is arguably the world’s best and most comprehensive range of replica pistols, rifles, assault rifles, sub machine guns and machine guns. 


Sabre is proud to be an authorised seller of Denix replica guns via our website and online store.  Whilst our militaria range can be posted Australia-Wide, we are currently only able to sell these great replica weapons to customers in Queensland and Western Australia without license, we will need to sight licenses and exemptions for other States before shipping.


Is it legal to buy, possess and use

a replica / imitation gun in Australia?


As we are a QLD company, the term 'Replica' is used, some States use the term 'Imitation' instead, where we use the term Replica gun for the Denix items we stock, they are also considered to be 'Imitations'.


The legislation that currently impacts replica gun owners as follows:




All types of imitation / non-firing replica firearm are currently legal to sell and own in Queensland.


From February 2021 thanks to recent welcome changes to legislation, this now also includes replica machine guns and assault rifles.


More information / an update on recent changes to QLD legislation impacting replica / imitation guns and weapons is also featured below.


Western Australia:


All types of imitation / non-firing replica firearm are currently legal to sell and own in Western Australia.


Other States:


For other States in Australia we suggest that you use the table of contact details below for the various Police and State Government Firearm and Weapon’s Licensing bodies to get specific and up to date advice.


With special collector’s licenses and permits, people in other States may be able to legally obtain and display replicas as part of a militaria collection.  Once again, up to date legal advice must be obtained from your own State and strictly adhered to.


How are replica weapons used in Australia?


Replica pistols, rifles and automatic weapons have been owned and used for a wide variety of reasons in Australia for decades.  


NOTE: All of the following uses should be conducted entirely within the relevant Police guidelines for use of a replica weapon so that it  does not cause public alarm and any additional approvals that may be required by Police or Government bodies that may relate to any event, training or production.


Militaria Collectors:


Australia has a large number of amateur and professional militaria collectors and dealers. As a natural component of collecting military artefacts and uniforms, quality replicas of the accompanying small arms often need to be featured.


Museums / Heritage Displays


A wide variety of Government, Association, Historical Society and privately-owned museums will feature displays of military uniforms and equipment.  Museum quality replica guns such as those made by Denix, provide a far safer alternative to the real thing and can safely bring the look of the weapon to life in a display.


Military and Historic Vehicle Owners


There are a large number of military and historic vehicle owners who like to have their vehicles authentically kitted out to match the time period they come from.


For example a WW2 jeep with a replica M1 Carbine, Tommy Gun or Colt .45 in the gun rack, or a 1920’s US Vintage Car decorated as a prohibition gangster’s car with a Tommy Gun in a violin case.


Historical Re-Enactment and Living History


Australia boasts some of the world’s best and most enthusiastic historical re-enactment and living history groups. 


The use of replica firearms in the displays, live performances and encampments of these dedicated groups spans everything from old matchlock and flintlock rifles through to WW1 and WW2 small arms and those of more modern conflicts.


Metal working action replicas are ideal and safe items to replace real weapons in such scenarios, offering the same appearance, weight and even cocking actions and magazines etc as the real thing.


Movies, TV and Stage Productions


All of the Denix replicas offer screen accurate options for a wide range of actual historic weapons, and also modern weapons for authenticity without the risks of the real weapons.


With the quality of digital effects these days Denix replicas can often fully replace blank fire weapons on set greatly reducing the cost, time and risks associated with equipping actors for blank fire scenes.


Stage productions can also benefit from the same look, weight and action of a replica weapon without the ongoing licensing, storage and headaches associated with an actual blank firing firearm.


Security and Martial Arts Training


Training people in certain techniques and scenarios can be enhanced with replica weapons that simulate the appearance, weight and actions of real firearms.


People can thus get an accurate feel and perspective of how real weapons operate without the complexities of needing to obtain examples of the real thing.


Police and Military Training


Certain section of the Police and Military need to drill and rehearse mission-critical tactics, techniques and procedures using weapons, but without the need to fire blanks or live ammunition.


In such training scenarios it can be far easier to use, display or store a lifelike Denix replica weapon instead of using or risking the real firearm in a training exercise.


The Man Cave or Hobby Project


Sometimes blokes just like to collect and display cool stuff in a bar, den or man cave.  A particular type of weapon may have featured in a movie that you love, or been used by you or a relative during Police or Military service and you’d like to have an example of it on display.


A classy Denix replica from a particular era of history may also add a touch of class to a room’s décor or design or just serve as a unique talking piece.



QLD Replica Weapons

Legislation Update





Replica pistols are legal to own and display without a license in QLD.  There is however a reasonable expectation that sensible display and use that does not cause public alarm is adhered to.  That remains more or less the same.


Any form of replica weapon that was manufactured as a replica / has never been a ‘working firearm’ will now also be fully legal to sell and possess with a ‘reasonable excuse’.   Sensible display and / or storage without license will be permitted. This include Denix replica assault rifles and submachine guns from February 2021.  


The entire range of Denix replicas will now be available to anyone in QLD who wishes to collect, display or make use of replicas in such a way so as not to cause ‘public alarm’ without needing any license. 


The term ‘reasonable excuse’ has a fair and open definition in the new legislation that helps to encompasses a wide range of collectors, re-enactors and also the man cave enthusiast. 


This is also carrying a responsibility upon the owner that the replica will be displayed and used sensibly, not taken into public areas so as to cause alarm, or is pointed at someone without their permission or to be portrayed as a real weapon to commit a crime.  Those acts will definitely get you into trouble, as they always would have in the past.


Replica weapons will now be termed ‘restricted items’, and this greatly simplifies things for collectors and enthusiasts.  It removes the need for licensing and excessive storage requirements for replica machine guns and submachine guns.  


Safe display as a restricted item is considered to be a secure home / man cave where the items are considered to be under your control and that does not involve it being taken into public view.  If transporting or storing a replica, then it needs to be in a locked cupboard, draw or container.  If on regular public display (for example an RSL display) then the display just needs to be such that a person cannot simply pick the replica up (e.g. in a glass case).


Re-enactors and historical societies will also be allowed to make use of and display replicas as they have been with reasonable excuse as part of their activities.



Our range of Replica Guns for Sale in QLD

(and also to WA clients) includes:



Replica Pistols For Sale:


Replica 9mm Browning Hi-Power (widely used military service pistol)


Replica Luger (iconic German WW2 pistol)


Replica Walther PPK (German WW2 sidearm, and famously the gun of James Bond 007)


Replica C96 Mauser Broom Handle (classic WW1 German pistol)


Replica Colt .45 Single Action Army (Western 6 Shooter)



Replica Rifles For Sale:


Replica .303 Lee Enfield SMLE (WW1 and WW2 British battle rifle)


Replica M1 Carbine (compact WW2 US Rifle)


Replica K98 Mauser (WW2 German battle rifle)


Replica M1 Garand (US WW2 battle rifle)



Replica Assault Rifles For Sale (stocking in 2021):


Replica AK47 (the famous Soviet assault rifle)


Replica StG44 / MP44 (innovative WW2 German assault rifle)


Replica M16 A1 (ground-breaking US assault rifle of the Vietnam War)



Replica Sub Machine Guns For Sale (stocking in 2021):


Replica MP40 (iconic German infantry weapon of WW2)


Replica Thompson / Tommy Gun (US .45 ACP weapon of Gangster and WW2 fame)


Replica Sten Gun (British WW2 infantry SMG)


Replica PPsH (Soviet WW2 submachine gun)


Replica M41 Grease Gun (US military SMG of WW2 and Korea)



Before buying a replica weapon of any form it is critical to do your homework and ensure that you are in 100% compliance with your own State’s laws first.


With that in mind here are the websites and contacts to check before you buy.  Happy Collecting.




ACT: 02  6256 7747, /


NSW: 1300 362 562, /


NT: 08 8922 3541, /


QLD: 07 3015 7777, /


SA: 08 8204 2495, /


TAS: 03 6230 2720, /


VIC: 1300 651 645, /


WA: 08 9223 7000, /

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