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Replica K98 Rifle

Replica K98 Australia

Replica K98k Rifle


The Karabiner 98 kurz (carbine 98 short) was a 7.92 x 57 mm Mauser bolt action rifle that was the standard battle rifle of the German Wermacht and Waffen SS during WW2.


The rifle is an evolved variation of the standard and longer Gewehr 98Mauser rifle of WW1, and like its predecessor was liked by soldiers for its accuracy, reliability and hitting power at effective ranges of up to 500 metres with iron sights and 1000 metres or more when embellished with optical sighting. 


In a nutshell it was a simple bolt action rifle using the proven Mauser 98 system with a 5 round internal magazine capacity, and a turned down bolt handle as a design enhancement from the earlier Gewehr 98.


During the war these rifles were made in their millions by at least 20 manufacturers, and subsequently captured in their millions by allied forces.  Many turn up in conflict zones to this day in fact.  Throughout the war they were used in all theatres of war the Germans were engaged in such as Western Europe, North Africa, Russia, Finland and Norway.


The rifles were also commonly used by Resistance and Partisan forces when captured from their former owners.  Post WW2 they were often converted to 7.62 NATO and used by nations such as Israel.


The Denix reproduction has a wooden stock, all metal working action and is full size to bring this historic gun to life for the collector.

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