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Replica / Imitation Gun F.A.Q Australia

Replica Guns for sale Australia

Some Frequently Asked Questions

About Non-Firing Replica / Imitation 

Weapons and Guns In Australia

Replica Gun F.A.Q

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Do I need a license or special permit for a replica / imitation gun in Australia?


It varies from State to State. You don’t need a license or permit in QLD or WA for any non-firing replica / imitation weapons (including replica pistols, replica rifles, and replica machine guns) but check here for other States and be sure that you have the right approvals, as other States do require exemptions, permits / licenses.


Can a Denix replica / imitation gun be made to fire live ammunition?


No. Whilst their actions are made from metal, it’s a ‘Zinc Alloy’ type of metal called Znal  that has been selected so that it cannot be machined or adapted to take a live round of ammunition. They were made as non-firing replicas, and cannot be converted to become live firing firearms.


Are you able to post a replica / imitation gun to me in the mail?


Yes, as long as you are allowed to have it in the State that you live in.  We can post immediately to QLD and WA customers with no permit or license required, but need to sight  a current permit / license before we can post to other States.


Can I take a replica / imitation weapon out in public?


Not unless you have a reasonable and lawful excuse. In QLD and WA a lawful and reasonable excuse may be an approved historic re-enactment event as member / performer, and never so that it is likely to cause public alarm.  If you take a replica weapon outside without lawful excuse you can be arrested and  charged with offences.  Other States will have at least these expectations, and possibly more, check here to find contacts for your local Police Service. Also, don’t point them at anyone without their permission or display them in such a way as to cause alarm.


Are replica / imitation guns as tough as the real thing?


Close, but not quite as tough.  Whilst they are of solid construction the zinc alloy of which they are made means that the actions, barrels and sights etc are going to be more prone to wear and breakage than the real things.  The steel used to make real firing weapons is much harder.


What styles of replica / imitation weapon are there?


There are replicas of basically all types of small arms from pistols, rifles, assault rifles and submachine guns to general purpose machine guns.  There are also specialty replicas made of heavy machine guns, artillery pieces and AFV mounted weapons for museums and re-enactment purposes.  We at Sabre tend to stick to the small arms.

Before buying a replica weapon of any form it is critical to do your homework and ensure that you are in 100% compliance with your own State’s laws first.



With that in mind here are the websites and contacts to check before you buy.  Happy Collecting.




ACT: 02  6256 7747, /


NSW: 1300 362 562, /


NT: 08 8922 3541, /


QLD: 07 3015 7777, /


SA: 08 8204 2495, /


TAS: 03 6230 2720, /


VIC: 1300 651 645, /


WA: 08 9223 7000, /

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