Non-Firing Replica / Imitation Guns

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Replica / imitation guns are non-firing reproductions of classic firearms.  A far safer alternative to collect and display than the real things.







Non-Firing Replica / Imitation Guns and Weapons For Sale in Australia


Replica / Imitation guns are manufactured to represent historic firearms as safe non-firing lookalikes.  We stock replica pistols, replica rifles and replica submachine guns.


For many decades now there have been non-firing reproductions / replicas of real firearms as a far safer alternative for collectors, enthusiasts, re-enactors, museums and filmmakers.


Early pioneers into the manufacture of replica guns were the Japanese, where very tight private gun ownership laws made replicas the only viable alternative for enthusiasts and collectors.  Thus companies such as Kokusai and CMC spotted and did very well from their domestic market for replica guns, and then via exports to countries like Australia and the United States.


In Australia the importation and sale of these high-quality replicas was pioneered by the Gold Coast War Museum and Collector’s Armoury, that continues to sell replicas to this day in fact.


Spanish company and manufacturer Denix initially made their mark producing replica guns of classic 17th century ‘Pirate style’ flintlocks and cannons as a sideline from their swords and daggers. They expanded into WW1 and WW2 pistols such as the replica Luger and replica Colt .45 1911 as well as modern Police revolvers such as the replica Smith and Wesson 44 Magnum and replica Colt .357 Python.


Gaining a greater market and also reputation for their wider range of historical replica guns, Denix branched further into the market and started to make rifles and sub machine guns to represent famous historical guns.


The replica guns made by Denix look like the real thing, have the weight and even the full metal cocking actions, mechanisms and magazines, but they can never kill.  Nobody has ever been shot by a replica gun.


They are made from a metal alloy that cannot be converted to fire live rounds and so have been made from the get-go as a ‘non gun’.


The fact that they are made from metal, also with correct pattern timber or other features to match their original counterparts,  means that they will wear (or be made to look like they have the wear) of the genuine items.   They therefore make excellent substitutes for the real thing in displays or for re-enactments or stage and screen.


Sabre is delighted to be a reseller for the high quality replica guns made by Denix. 

Before buying a replica weapon of any form it is critical to do your homework and ensure that you are in 100% compliance with your own State’s laws first.



With that in mind here are the websites and contacts to check before you buy.  Happy Collecting.




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