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Military Medals, Badges, Patches

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Military Medals, Badges and Patches for Sale


The heraldry of war takes many forms and also reflects the culture, values and style of the military from which they come.


Some medals for valour are quite rare and expensive (e.g. Victoria Cross, higher levels of the Iron / Knights Cross, Military Cross etc), whilst other more general service medals can be relatively common and reflect the millions who served in wars (but these are still of great significance representing the story, sacrifice and service of many common soldiers).


It’s often nice actually  for the rarer medals for valour to not reside within private collections, but to be displayed in public museums for all to see (as is the case with many Australian VC’s being displayed in the Australian War Memorial).  There are however many great private collections where the medals continue to spark conversations about the sacrifices and deeds that they represent.


Badges and patches are also in myriad forms, styles and also languages representing the many different armies, corps and unit types around the world.

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