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Replica M1 Garand Rifle


Replica M1 Garand Rifle


This is the US WW2 Battle Rifle that was famously described by General George S Patton as “the greatest battle implement ever devised”. 


The M1 Garand is a 30-06 calibre semi-automatic rifle that replaced the M1903 bolt-action Springfield in 1936 to see service in WW2, Korea and limited service in Vietnam.  


It is still used by US Military ceremonial and drill teams as an iconic rifle and symbol of US arms.


Designed by John Garand, for whom the weapon is named, it became the first general issue semi-automatic rifle.  It was made in large numbers (over 5.4 million during WW2 alone) and was the main battle rifle of the US military.  It’s distinctive 8 round charger clip was fed into its internal mazagine with the metal clip loudly ejecting after the discharge of the 8th round. 


The rifle influenced later designs such as the M14 and Mini 14 and was also produced for NATO by Beretta in a version that sported a removable 20 round box magazine.


The Replica M1 Garand 30-06 rifle by Denix has a timber stock and working metal action to faithfully bring to life this famous rifle for collectors and reenactors. 

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