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Replica M1 Carbine Rifle


Replica M1 Carbine Rifle


The famous M1 Carbine served the US Military well through WW2, Korea and the Vietnam War as a lightweight semi-automatic .30 carbine.  There was also an M2 carbine that was a select fire / automatic version.


Whilst the designation M1 carbine leads some to believe it is a carbine version of the M1 Garand, this is not actually the case. The prefix M applies to the ‘Model’ whilst the number ‘1’ refers to the chronological version in the evolution of weapon or equipment. Therefore it was the 1st Model of the carbine of that system, with the later select fire M2 being the 2nd.   Hence the carbine version of the M16 assault rifle is designated M4.


In 1938 the US Army requested the Ordnance Department to develop a light carbine for airborne forces.  A competition between major manufacturers ensued, with the initial M1 being designed Jonathan Browning (brother of well-known gun designer John Browning), and refined for military acceptance by Winchester. 


The .30 ammunition whilst much less powerful than the larger Garand .30-06 rounds, was twice as powerful yet lighter than the heavy Tommy Gun .45 ammo.  So soldiers armed with an M1 could carry more ammunition for better range and power. 


In military use it was intended primarily as a close-range self-defence weapon with a maximum effective range of 300 meters.


It was most commonly carried by officers, NCO’s, paratroopers, forward observers and others needing a shorter lighter weight weapon than the M1 Garand.


In WW2 it saw action in Europe, North Africa and The Pacific. Whilst being known as a US weapon, British SAS and SOE units also favoured it for its lightness and effectiveness.  Captured M1 Carbines were also used by the Germans who designated them as Selbstladekarabiner 455(a). 


During the Korean and Vietnam wars it saw use with a wide range of units including Special Forces.  Numerous other nations also adopted and adapted the M1 Carbine into a variety of roles.


The M1 Carbine replica rifle by Denix has a timber stock, working metal non-firing action and removable magazine to bring this historical weapon safely to life.

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