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Replica Thompson / 'Tommy Gun' Submachine Gun by Denix

Replica Thompson Submachine Gun

Replica Thompson ‘Tommy Gun’ Submachine Gun by Denix

(We stock both the Stick and Drum mag models)


The famous Thompson Submachine Gun was designed by John Thompson in 1918 making its mark in popular imagination in use with both Gangsters and Law Enforcers during the Prohibition era.


In World War 2 the ‘Tommy Gun’ as it was often known, was popular with soldiers as a relatively compact automatic weapon with a hard hitting .45 round.  


Sometimes seen with the forward pistol grip and large drum magazine, and also later versions with stick magazines only and a straight timber foregrip.  During WW2 at least 1.5 million Thompson SMG’s were made and used widely by Allied Forces.


These weapons were famously used by the British Army and Commonwealth Forces, including the Australian Army in North Africa, Western Europe and in the Pacific.  They are also famously associated with the US Army in WW2 including many famous Airborne and special units.  



Designed: 1917 - 1920


Produced: 1921 - 1945


Cartridge: .45 ACP


Action: Blowback


Rate of Fire: 700 - 800 rounds per minute


Muzzle Velocity: 285 m/s


Effective Firing Range: 150 m

 Feed System: 20 round stick mag, 30 round stick mag, 50 /100 round drum mag


Weight: 4.9 kg


Length: 860 mm


Barrel Length: 267 mm

We are excited to be stocking a great range of Denix replica submachine guns and assault rifles starting in 2021.


Amongst the replica submachine guns and assault rifles made by Denix that we will be stocking are:


Replica MP40 SMG


Replica Thompson SMG


Replica PPSH SMG


Replica Sten Gun SMG


Replica M41 Grease Gun SMG


Replica AK47 Assault Rifle


Replica M16 Assault Rifle


Replica MP44 Assault Rifle

NOTE: Images used of SMG and Assault Rifles until we have sales stock are of Denix guns that have been given aged and worn finishes for film and TV use. Stock guns will have a new black finish.  See our article on the site about how to age them well.

Replica Tommy Gun with Drum Mag
Tommy Gun WW2.jpg
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