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Replica Walther PPK Pistol

Replica Walther PPK with Silencer

Replica Walther PPK Pistol by Denix


Of the famous Walther PP series (Polizeipistole / Police Pistol) the most famous is definitely the PPK (Polizeipistole Kriminal / Police Pistol Detective).


The PPK is not only of the best known sem-auto pistols in the world, but is also one of the most successful having been made under license in numerous countries other than its native Germany with Walther.  


They are still manufactured by Walther and started their service as concealable Police Pistols in 1930.  During WW2 they were issued to high ranking Germany military officers, Luftwaffe pilots and Police.  As an aspect of WW2 history it also the model of gun used by Hitler to end his life in the bunker.


In the public imagination it has also taken on a new and ongoing life as the weapon of choice for Ian Flemings character James Bond 007 and features a great deal in the Bond films.  As it happens Austin Powers, International man of Mystery, also uses one.


The Denix replica Walther PPK pistol is a full metal non-firing replica with working action and magazine to bring the famous handgun to life for the collector.

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