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Militaria for sale Australia

Militaria for sale in Australia
Militaria Australia
Militaria Australia by Sabre

Militaria for sale in Australia by Sabre Militaria


Militaria / Military Antiques is a fascinating area for collecting and researching with new and established hobbyists alike across Australia. 


The diversity of areas to explore within general militaria collecting within Australia never seems to end, with small-scale items such as sweetheart broaches and trench-art ranging up to military vehicles like tanks and also artillery pieces.


Most private collections fit somewhere in between with some collectors of military antiques choosing to zero in on one highly specialised field, and others of a more generalist nature collecting and eclectic mix of anything and everything related to military history.


Across the years we have seen many collections at the specialist end of that spectrum that explore every style, type and manufacturer of such items as German Iron Cross awards, German helmets, WW1 Australian medal groups, Australian Army Rising Sun Badges, Light Horse Slouch Hats or any number of single themes.


Some extensive man caves across Australia filled with military collectables feature displays ranging from corps badges and hats to rifles, bayonets, mannequins complete with uniforms and small field artillery.  You’d be stunned with what’s out there sometimes by way of little private museums.


The hobby, and business, of collecting militaria in Australia is going strong.  Militaria for sale in Australia covers an amazing spectrum from items easily picked up on eBay or at market stalls and antique fairs, to museum quality items of great rarity or those requiring highly restricted Police permission and licensing to possess such as small arms and double-edged weapons.

We are also an authorised seller of Denix replica guns in Australia and have a wide range of historic replica guns to add to nay militaria collection.


Sabre is proud to offer quite a wide variety of militaria, military antiques and military collectables including:


WW1 Australian medal groups (including many Gallantry groups such as MM and even MC).


Rare items of militaria such as Stormin Norman autographed helmet, Chris Ryan autographed SAS memorabilia etc.


Military Trench Art items made from inert shell and bullet casing by soldiers and craftsman in the field.


Unusual military uniforms and badges from all eras and nations including WW2, Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War.


Australian Army DCPU uniforms of various eras including recent Iraq and Afghanistan deployments.


Australian Light Horse slouch hats complete with genuine emu plumes.


Military webbing and field kit of all styles.

WW2 German / Third Reich militaria and artefacts (whilst a controversial field, we sell only as legitimate collectables of the WW2 era).


Visit our online store to see what is currently in stock.



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