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Military Themed Team Building Events

Militray themed team building by Sabre
Militray themed team building games by Sabre

Sabre's sister entity 'Sabre Corporate Development' / 'Sabre Team Building' are experts in military themed team and leadership development.


Military approaches to teamwork, leadership and decision-making can make great inclusions into a team building event.


Team building at conferences and off-sites can be notoriously trite and fluffy, adding some genuine insights into military esprit de corps can add some substances and take-away value.


Sabre’s sister company made its mark in 1988 with just this approach on Australia's sunny Gold Coast. The ‘Corporate Strike Force’ was a unique fusion of military theme, uniforms and equipment with tailored team building games and activities. Most importantly, it also strove to make a difference to teams and leaders.


Sabre operates this event and more to this very day, and has even added sophisticated business games and other approaches that use military themes.


The ‘top shelf’ approach is known as The Executive Warfare Centre’ that combines tailored workshops, facilitated activities and Belbin Team Role Profiles and Reports.


To see the full range of high-quality military team building options visit Sabre Corporate Developments Website.

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