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Denix Replica Guns make great Stage, TV and Movie Props

Over the years Sabre has provided weapons, vehicles, props, advisors and trained extras to a variety of local and international film and TV productions.

There has been a trend proportional to the advancement of post-production effects for having fewer real firearms on set and more examples of good quality screen-accurate replica guns.

Naturally there are some situations where the actual cycling of a working action, or simply the raw energy and movement of a blank firing real weapon will trump a replica. For non-firing situations or where post-production effects can do the trick though, there are many advantages to replica guns.

Replica weapons are definitely safer to handle, they have less stringent transportation and storage requirements and just tend to reduce the overall stress and expense of using real firearms when used creatively.

Quality Denix replica pistols, rifles, assault rifles, submachine guns and machine guns can look as good as the real deal with a little bit of artificial wear and tear. It has to be done carefully though, and be based on a working knowledge of how real guns wear in a variety of environments.

Replica guns come out of the box brand new, as would a new real gun. Naturally in films weapons are often needing to be portrayed as being field used with the knocks and bumps that go with that.

We have an article in the website on how to age replica guns well. It does need to be undertaken carefully and sparingly though, as once done it isn’t easily undone and on many occasions ‘less is more’ to add a more battle worn edge to a replica weapon.

Denix replica guns can make great collectors pieces and man cave accessories, but they can also have great applications in stage, film and TV productions representing iconic firearms of history.


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