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Movie Guns and Ordnance: Sabre Militaria loves to provide weapons and equipment to the film and television industry.

Over the years Sabre has worked with a wide range of movie, stage and TV productions to assist with providing the right gear. We work with prop and design experts and film armourers to supply them with items large and small.

For example, our ability to offer quality Denix replicas that are screen accurate representations of the real things has been used recently by a number of big US movie productions working in Australia.

With amazing post-production effects these days many film productions actually prefer to use quality replicas instead of blank fire real weapons on set. They are cheaper, safer and require less headaches on set for film armourers.

Sabre also maintains our own Theatrical Ordnance Supplier’s Licence for providing weapons (replica and real) to productions and to work on set when required. Our network of militaria and vehicle collectors, and also military veterans, enables us to supply a range of items, advice and expertise as well.

Australia is a great location for large movie productions. With our experience, range of products and ability to provide gear to the production, or to bring it onto set ourselves using our licenses if required, we are delighted to play a small part in this industry.


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