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Field Strippable Replica Colt .45 Model 1911

Denix have released a new range of high-quality Colt .45 Auto Model 1911 replicas that not only have the same size, weight and working actions of the real thing, but that now also fully field strip.

The ability for a weapon to be field stripped into several major parts for cleaning is a critical aspect of any service weapon’s ability to be kept clean and reliable. It is also a crucial and familiar part of any soldier’s daily routine.

Militaria enthusiasts and re-enactors often seek to display museum quality reproductions of historic weapons to bring military history to life. The fact that this replica strips down just like the real thing makes any display that much more interesting for the owner and any interested viewers.

It’s often fun to try and get your personal time down for field stripping a weapon, and to beat your friends. Soldiers are competitive creatures and such contents are not only part of real military training, but often a fun component of inter-personal and unit rivalry.


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